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Why a private loan?

There are many good and valid reasons to deal with à private lender.

Here are a few:

pourquoi prêt privé

Because your financial institition is refusing to grant your request for a loan.

The criteria used by conventional financial institutions like Banks and Caissse polulaires to analyse your loan request and or when renewing an existing loan, are increasingly strict, rigid and often difficult to meet. These institutions will analyze, among others, your credit history, your annual revenues, your debt ratio versus your capacity to make the payments ect. We often think that in order to qualify for a loan, we have to be financially independant having never had financial problems.

Because you want to restore your financial situation

Furthermore, if you had financial problems in the past, it will become difficult if not impossible to obtain or renew a loan with those conventional financial institituons. Excel Finance understands that we have to look towards the future and not the past.

Because you’re expecting, timeliness and effeciency.

Excel  Finance is an alternative lender or private lender. The criteria established by Excel Finance to grant a loan is simple and flexible and based mainly on the real estate  offered as collateral. If you have equity on your real estate, the capacity and willingness to pay, the desire to restore your credit rating and financial condition, Excel Finance is the solution for you.

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